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Lfs mods s2 keygen


Lfs mods s2 keygen

Plik: New Tweak Order V1.04 - Patch 6B. Niezalogowany użytkownik nie może pobrać pliku, Zaloguj się i pobierz plik. Nie masz jeszcze konta? Utwórz je. Opis pliku: NTO V1.04 Bardziej udoskonalona wersja od poprzedniej, tweak działa do każdego auta. Co w tej wersji: steerlock - rev bouncer (this one will work with replays, unlike 'universal rev bouncer') - turbo overrider with no boost pressure limit ( can be 3bars ) - supercharger with roots type dynamics model - turbo lag - displaciement - engine layout - cylinder # - drive type - differential overrider (allows Viscous or LSD on RWD UF1s, XFGs, UFRs or XFRs) - gearbox type - gears # - torque high - torque low - power - rev limit - wheel shop with 200+ sizes - adjustable rim width - cambers (only cars that are RWD as standard) - wheeltrack (only cars that are RWD as standard) - tyre warmers - DTD D1 edition for 350HP+ cars - smoke maximizers - speedometer limit (no more 400km/h speedos) - global car weight (not engine weight) - rubber compound ('slickmod') - dyno graphs - load/save all parameters. Dziennik zmian: V0.1: - Steerlock fixed. V0.2: - custom injection code - Rev Bouncer (this one doesnt create oos errors with replays) - Turbo Overrider (attach/detach turbo to/from car) - DTD D1 - Drift Tyre Dynamics D1 edition V0.5 (for 350+ HP cars) This alters tyre heating model so the tyre heats slower and cools faster. This is meant for D1 specs drift cars in a competition context. high power, high angle, and short drift runs, max 1'30. V0.21: - fixed error on DTD. V0.3: - added boost pressure - added wheel shop. V0.31: - added some input exception handling - no more 3 bars limit for boost pressure. V0.5: - added tweaksterz (engine tweaks for ANY car even demo) - rewrote the things i didnt want to rewrite - added weight - omg - added 'slickmod' - tried things, and failed - added differential overrider - wtf. V0.6: - fixed. wheelshop starting selection was actually not initialized - added turbo lag - added torque low - added load/save engine parameters. V0.7: - saving settings now saves car weight - rewrote wheelshop list management. V0.8: -wheelshop with 200+ tyre sizes -adjustable rim width (-50% to +50% of tyre width. V0.9: -camber -wheel track. V0.91: -server restricted to 42DMultimod, Team Driftbeast battle and tweak server, TangeruD1's PowerDrift and Birdcage. V0.92: - supercharger boost dynamics - included some wav sounds to copy in lfs/data/engine and load them as turbo sound in the shift A panel ingame e.g.: copy all wav files from NTO/Data_Engine_Sounds in LFS/data/engine activate turbo/supercharger tweak (if it isnt already set) get the car on track/leave pit press shift A load the (press the L at the right of the Turbo parameters) Set record rpm at 10000 Set mufler 0.8 Set Volume 1.2 Set Dump Valve Volume to zero. V0.92b: - various fixes on supercharger should reduce crashes. V0.92c: - can load old files again. V0.92d: - should be much more stable : - refined turbo overrider, should now avoid some more crash contexts - refined supercharger, should now avoid most crash contexts - added some wider R11 and R12 wheelsizes for small cars. V0.93: -gearbox type. V0.99: -load/save settings should now work properly and handle old V0.6 files. V0.99b: - smoke maximizers should now be saved and loaded properly - rimwidth stretch is now saved - wheel are now intialized after load - settings should now be properly initialized after loading. V1.0: - dyno graph click 'dyno' set your car on track in 3rd gear and 1500 RPM to start record if u experience NTO crash when click Dyno button, checkk the MSUpdate fodler and execute then start NTO again when update is done. V1.01: - refined TAB navigation - reduced camber and wheeltrack limits for more precision - minor interface adjustments. V1.02: - new roots supercharger dynamics model. V1.03: - added new 14 , 15 , 16 tires - dyno internal handling improved, now dyno closes more cleanly - revbouncer updated with ingition cut instead of throttle cut (now keeps boost) - (bugged) launch limiter. init sequence. shift 1st gear up from Neutral and keep brakes pressed, NTO should write some message (in its own window) to acknowledge the initialize sequence has been completed. - refined supercharger pit detection - new allowed server. D1 Tweak Battles. V1.03cde: - new allowed server. Int'l League of DGAF, D1 Drift Battles, 42D MoDrift - fixed. DrifBeasts server were not allowed anymore since 1.03. fixed. V1.04: - Tyre Warmers now warmup internal tyres aswell - Smoke Maximizers now produces more smoke - updated DTD model to v0.6 by Wolf (Team DriftBeast) - new server restriction system, NTO will work on any server that meets those conditions : - server name contains Tweak or TWEAK or [NTO] - server is S2 licensed (not tested for S1. # skatter (Stróż prawa) 15 marca 2013, 16:00. Siemka. Mam lekki problem po pierwsze dobrze by było gdy by mi ktoś powiedział gdzie te wszystkie pliki wrzucić ba jak skopjowałem całą zawartość to wszystko działa tylko jak już mam nacisnąć gaz to taj jakby samochód gaśnie i nie jedzie. Za pomoc będę wdzięczny. # skatter (Stróż prawa) 15 marca 2013, 15:55. Siemka. Mam lekki problem po pierwsze dobrze by było gdy by mi ktoś powiedział gdzie te wszystkie pliki wrzucić ba jak skopjowałem całą zawartość to wszystko działa tylko jak już mam nacisnąć gaz to taj jakby samochód gaśnie i nie jedzie. Za pomoc będę wdzięczny. # Brayan (Pasożyt (Nie ufaj mu!)) 10 marca 2013, 19:17. Ja mam trochę dziwny problem. Mam wszystko co do tego tweaka potrzeba i po odpaleniu gry i tweaka cały czas jest Waiting start. Gra jest włączona a i tak nic się nie zmienia. Co zrobić.

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