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In my opinion Pinnacle Series is by far the best transition/training software product available on the market. Time and time again your staff expertise, knowledge, skills and customer service is unparalleled. Your software support team and staff commitment reflects outstanding effort by the Eagle Point team to provide immediate solutions for any technical issues that arises during design/production processes. Vlad Pavlovic . Urbantech Consulting. Cloud based, up to date documentation, online training, support, and our own custom content Pinnacle works very well for our organization. Donald Broussard . Hunsaker Associates. We had a long standing issue that has vexed us for a long time. I tried Pinnacle Series Chat and Drew Leino helped me. He was persistent and found the solution to this problem. This is a huge deal and helped us tremendously. Thank you to Pinnacle Series and to Drew. We are really liking Pinnacle Series, it s a powerful resource for us. Ronald Ricks . Parametrix. If you can t learn AutoCAD Civil 3D after using Pinnacle Series, you should get into another line of work. Eric Nolder . Senate Engineering Company. The chat is absolutely fabulous! The response time is phenomenal. Also, I like to watch the videos at home without using Civil 3D because you can absorb the information and then try it at work the next day. I suggested to my users to try the same thing. We really love Pinnacle Series and wish we would have it the first time we attempted to move to Civil 3D. If we had, I don’t think we would have aborted Civil 3D to go back to LDD. I really wish we had Pinnacle Series sooner. Lynn Laws . Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. The videos are extremely handy. I use chat with an expert quite a bit. We ve also used the remote-in-desktop feature several times. The nice thing about that is Eagle Point s Civil 3D expert can find the error located deep within the program. Why is that important to us? Because if you re hung up in the middle of a big project it will get you the answers quickly vs. racking your brain and time is money. Pate Easterling . CLB Engineers. We are very happy with Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series. I have appreciated Eagle Point for many, many years. And now Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series have played an important role in our successful transition to Civil 3D. Steve Powers . Alaska Department of Transportation Public Facilities. We were strongly considering in-house training to help save on costs and then I was introduced to Scott Coleman at Eagle Point. He was attentive, patient, informative and responsive to my questions about Pinnacle Series. Now that I have used Pinnacle Series for a few months, I am thankful we have such a resource . Personally I have used the cheat sheets, workflows, videos, chat sessions, even phone calls for tech support. They are all key to my skill development. We have even created our own cheat sheets for problems we have solved individually and want to share with our associates. As an organization, we are about to create a File Organization Standard for our CAD projects and Pinnacle Series will be key for us to communicate these upgrades. We will also be adding to our Standards Library. We plan to use Pinnacle s features to share the newly added items. For our occasional user or the one serious about improving their AutoCAD skills, at any level, Pinnacle Series has been a great solution to our needs. Lori Miskines . Douglas County - Department of Public Works Operations. The Pinnacle Series is the best training product because it has tools for all levels of users from beginner to advanced. A beginner can work through the workflows with step-by-step instructions and an advanced user can chat with an expert on a design approach. Another benefit of the Pinnacle Series is having training when you need it, at your convenience. Lindsey Jones . J-U-B Engineers, Inc. We had to find a way for our civil department to transition to Civil 3D, and make this move as smooth as possible. Well after several discussions with our contact at Eagle Point, we made the decision to give Pinnacle Series a shot. Well, long story short, we had a project that was brought to us from a local mining operation and they wanted an expedited timeline. So here we were a support software that we had never even tried, new software that we hadn t even installed yet, and of course a new client that wanted us to prove that we could do what we had told them we could do. So we jumped, no I mean, JUMPED, head first into the biggest challenge we had implemented within our department. Well, I can say, we not only learned Civil 3D, but we got the project out ahead of schedule, and best of all, the client was so pleased that we do a large percentage of their civil design work. I can say, without a doubt, if we didn t have Pinnacle we would have been up a long creek without a paddle. We at Hermanson Egge Engineering appreciate and will continue to utilize Pinnacle Series, and Eagle Point for all of our Autodesk needs. Thanks for making me look REALLY GOOD. Thanks Guys, YOU ROCK. Mike Schon . Hermanson Egge Engineering. We are very happy with Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series. I have appreciated Eagle Point for many, many years. And now Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series have played an important role in our successful transition to Civil 3D. Steve Powers . Alaska Department of Transportation Public Facilities. I have been using Civil 3D since 2006, basically when it was released. I have used many different avenues of tech support and training to learn this intricate program. By far the Pinnacle Series software has had the most positive results for understanding the intricacies of the Civil 3D program, as well as the absolute best for technical support. It has also been a great system for self-training new users that have just started using the program. Thanks Eagle Point. Ron . Engineering Technician. Thank you for the well-crafted and informative presentation on Infraworks today. We are Pinnacle subscribers, and it is an outstanding training tool. Today s live training was informative and helpful. Steve Biver and Don Quinn have been so helpful, and I am confident the Pinnacle Series will pay great dividends for us this year. Mark Houston Ricketts . Site Improvement Associates, Inc. Between the project specific training and all the Pinnacle Series tutorials, I ve impressed a lot of the people above me with how quickly I ve become proficient/efficient with the software. In fact, in 6 months I ve brought the C3D style sets into compliance with our historical office standards and I ve been producing some top notch cross-sections. Thank you for all the help. Michael . County of Fresno, Public Works Planning. As more of our group move over to Civil 3D, we ve been finding Pinnacle Series is very helpful to get everyone up to speed in the basics of the program. There are always some aspects that need extra research sometimes to sort out issues, but that can be said of anything. We ve never had to call in to chat with an Eagle Point support yet, but I m sure it will happen at some point, and it s nice to know we have that extra cushion of support if needed. The biggest plus we ve found is unlike a sit down training session that comes at you extremely fast, we can sit down and re-watch any Pinnacle Series how-to video and skim through the videos to refresh our memory. I ve had sit down training, and unless you start immediately doing all the tasks, you lose that information quickly. The training books they give are useful as reference, but it s good to see the commands being done. And with Pinnacle Series, you can right click in a video and set it to speed play since the presenters take it slow to make sure you understand them, a little speed play lets you zip through the presentation faster and is still very easy to understand. Perry Raglin . Jp2g Consultants Inc. I am still learning the Pinnacle series and don t have a firm grasp on all the aspects of the product, but it has been a tremendous help in getting a grip on Civil 3D. Without it, I would still be floundering. Maury Fortney . M.E.F.I. Engineering. I couldn t have created our company standards and templates without the help of Pinnacle Series! And when I need support, I just get on a chat session and get what I need. Tom Baker . WW Associates, Inc. Pinnacle Series is an invaluable tool for our office. When we have a question or problem the first place I go is to the Pinnacle Series icon on my desktop. We use support, cheat sheets, videos and training within Pinnacle Series. Sessions on Pipe Networks have been great. Robin Swan . Barker Associates, Inc. I m really really glad I went with Eagle Point and got Pinnacle. I questioned it in the beginning and wasn t sure what value it would bring. It really is good! IT S WORTH IT. Jennifer Trice . Trice, PC. It s up to a company to take advantage of Pinnacle Series so they can use everything that s in AutoCAD Civil 3D, because there s no way of knowing 1/2 of AutoCAD Civil 3D; it s so in-depth. I like to watch the short just-in-time how to videos before I start the process. This allows me to know what I m trying to accomplish before I start. But the real value is being able to contact tech support when I get stuck. Richard Graeser . Benchmark Group, LLC. I attended my first online training via Pinnacle Series this morning and am very happy with the format. I m excited about how this works and am confident that I will make some rapid progress with the use of Civil 3D via all that the Pinnacle Series has to offer. I have a long way to go, but at least I m starting to get a clue. Mel March . March Surveying. I recently signed up for Pinnacle and I just have to let you know how impressive your staff has been, especially Drew Leino, who was amazing today! I have been using AutoCAD for about 20 years but fairly new to Civil 3D, so I have been pretty needy in that area. Your guys have been patient and super-knowledgeable. Pinnacle is a great investment, even/especially for a small organization like mine. Liesl Mitchell . THINK Design Drafting. It became apparent to our department after attending training courses on Civil 3D and attempting to work with the program that an office-wide upgrade to the software would be extremely difficult, much more so than previous software upgrades. This led us to delay the transition to Civil 3D indefinitely, with no formal plan of upgrading. Then, we viewed a webcast of Eagle Point s Pinnacle Series and subsequently purchased and, with the assistance of Eagle Point, deployed the Pinnacle Series software. We are now using Civil 3D for all new projects, and Pinnacle Series has been the essential tool in our upgrade. Pinnacle Series is useful for our inspectors/techs who only draft in the winter, who now have an on-screen guide to follow. I recommend Eagle Point and the Pinnacle Series software to anyone contemplating an office-wide upgrade to Civil 3D. Cody Eilertson . City of Fargo Engineering Dept. First and foremost it provides users with a simple and efficient interface, the content of which is updated over the network as changes are made to the various workflows. This guarantees that everyone is always looking at the latest processes that have been implemented. This also means that we need not wait for all department workflow procedures to be completed before distributing electronic documentation. Second, Pinnacle Series can function as either a step-by-step guide for someone doing a task for the first time, or as a simple reference for an experienced user wanting to make sure they didn t miss a step somewhere. A large part of how we use Civil 3D is dependent upon the needs of the other departments working on the project. By having procedures published in a clear and concise manner such as Pinnacle Series, we can ensure that we take full advantage of the dynamic linking capabilities that Civil 3D allows. Jason Ferrell . David Evans and Associates. While we yet have a lot to learn, we feel comfortable in our current use of Civil 3D and Pinnacle Series. We are making a commitment to both products. Our goal is to better serve all our clients by becoming the leading user of these products in our region. For example, so at the time the Wisconsin DOT makes their switch and are fully engaged in using these products, we will be ready to work with them on their improvement projects. Greg Jewell . Jewell Associates Engineers, Inc. It s easy to be intimidated by the breadth and scope of the Civil 3D software. However, Pinnacle Series makes implementing the many facets of Civil 3D software relatively simple. I would definitely recommend both the Civil 3D and Pinnacle Series software to engineering firms both large and small. Mary Wohnrade . Mary Wohnrade, P.E. I would like to take the time to thank Eagle Point Software for an excellent product in their Pinnacle Series. Even though we purchased the Civil 3D version of the Pinnacle Series, we have gone well beyond that venue. We use Pinnacle Series to present workflows of everything from the Surveyors data imports to their base map deliverables, CAD Standards Compliance to Engineering for their review process and redline status. We currently use the Pinnacle Series products on a daily basis, and are continuing to find new applications and processes that can be added to the workflows. Thanks again for the wonderful product, and keep up the good work. Karl L. Hill . Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. We ve been using Pinnacle Series for over two years and have found it benefits our organization both internally and externally. We had CADD manuals before, but this product improved them and makes them much easier to keep updated. We actually keep all of our manuals updated with this product now. We also improved our own internal efficiencies by using it to help on-board new employees and roll-out new computers to our staff. Don Broussard . Hunsaker and Associates, San Diego. Everyone who has laid eyes on Pinnacle Series has had a favorable opinion of it. From those building the workflows to the end users, everyone has commented on the ease of use. End users like that they can select the command they need to initiate in Civil 3D by following the process built into Pinnacle Series. John Volk . David Evans and Associates. After taking a Civil 3D training course, our office agreed that Eagle Point s Pinnacle Series would be a great help to transition into the Civil 3D world, if only for terminology sake. I do recommend Pinnacle Series for the transitional phase into Civil 3D. I also like the fact that if you run into a road block or get lost in the maze of Civil 3D, Pinnacle Series provides good tips to work through the problem because there should always be more than one way to skin a cat. Matt Kottenstette . Pueblo County Public Works.

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