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Grand ages rome keygen download


Grand ages rome keygen download

Caesar IV on GOG Posted by kach on May 30, AD 2016 @ 4:36 PM Caesar IV is now available DRM free from This seems to be the US English version and includes the 1.2 patch. I had no problem loading saves created with my original version (patched to 1.2), or in starting a couple of custom scenarios. Thanks GOG! Tilted Mill Forums Posted by kach on September 10, AD 2015 @ 11:05 PM Good news for all city builders, the Tilted Mill forums are back online. Not Caesar V but CaesarIA Posted by kach on September 21, AD 2014 @ 6:03 AM CaesarIA is an interesting open source project being developed by a group of Caesar III enthusiasts. dalerank . in the Town Square. says CaesarIA aims to expand the possibilities of this classical city-building simulator and to add new features to the city life. Now the project is at the stage when it is impossible to develop it without new textures, buildings, sounds and other materials. I invite all of you to participate in my project, you can find the game's source code on the main page as well as you can download builds for different OSs. Read about it, contribute, test it on Indiegogo. Medieval Mayor Takes a Nap Posted by kach on October 13, AD 2013 @ 5:33 PM Sadly, Tilted Mill have put their much anticipated city building project, Medieval Mayor, on hold. They do have other projects "in the works" according to Chris Beatrice who has posted an update on the Tilted Mill forums. We'll just have to wait and see what comes next. Hate Your Username? Posted by kach on March 29, AD 2013 @ 1:23 AM April 1st is HG Name Change Day - if you don't frequent HG Main forums, you may never have heard of this. So if you'd like to change your forum username, this is your chance. A post in this thread and you can have a whole new city building persona! Good News Posted by kach on January 17, AD 2013 @ 5:11 PM The good news is that we have access to the news software again. The best news is that Tilted Mill are working on Medieval Mayor. a new city builder set in the Middle Ages. According to Chris Beatrice, interviewed on Games Arena back in October, we can expect the game to be walker based and 2D isometric. There's plenty of discussion on the TM forum. Check it out. New Caesar IV Campaign Posted by kach on August 14, AD 2012 @ 6:04 AM The Gaius Tour de Farce is an economic campaign contest created by Hieronymus for CBC. This campaign follows the adventures of Gaius of Petra, trusted advisor to the Governor of Arabia, also known as Gaius the Gullible. The storyline follows (approximately) the same story related in the previous C4 contests Night Tales, Tomorrow Never Knows and A Carnival of Idiots. The tasks set by the Governor of Arabia are, respectively, to marry off his daughter Scheheradze, acquire lots of wine for a (purported) festival for Caesar, and finally to help avert an impending economic disaster by throwing lots of grand festivals to the gods. If you have any questions, check out the CBC forum. Try it now! Carnival of Idiots Posted by kach on May 10, AD 2012 @ 4:42 AM. Try Carnival of Idiots. the Caesar IV contest currently running at CBC. You can play either the easy or hard map, and the forum is here if you have any questions. Gaius is Back Posted by kach on November 27, AD 2011 @ 3:20 AM. You can play on either easy or hard, and there is also a French version. Find it here. EXCO Changes Posted by kach on September 30, AD 2011 @ 4:28 PM What is EXCO? This is the executive committee that makes policy decisions for HeavenGames. The previous EXCO members have decided to step aside, and a brand new team has been selected. Our thanks to the old team and good luck to the new team! The prior EXCO comprised of Zen, Soccy, Jay, and Yeeb has disbanded and a new EXCO comprised of General_II, Shanks13, and Terikel Grayhair has been formed. The trio had a meeting on September 25th, during which an outline of key issues was agreed upon, a direction for HG was decided upon, and a plan to reform HG's management system is being put into motion. Our direction is defined by this mission statement: Heaven Games builds content-rich creative communities with which gamers can enrich their gaming experiences. Management is being reformed by realizing that HG is not, and never will be, a traditional business. All who work for HG do so as volunteers who work out of enjoyment and pride in what they produce. This will continue, but there must be a level of volunteers at HG who can be relied upon to keep HG not only running, but improving, and this level of commitment exceeds that encompassed by volunteer work for enjoyment. Consequently, the new EXCO is investigating forming an expanded guidance council responsible for helping the EXCO make informed decisions. Activity and presence will be expected from these staff members, and there will be rules in place to prevent inactivity from derailing efforts to move forward. Finally, the mentioned outline is still in the process of being written and made functional. You may expect some form of an outline of HG's goals, challenges, and considerations in the future. Voting Booth. Recent Posts. (73 replies) Posted 1 day ago by maydayp Bridges absent (3 replies) Posted 2 weeks ago by kach A new game under development: Ancient. (New) Posted 2 weeks ago by templerlord Brundisium goals met - scenario not. (20 replies) Posted 2 weeks ago by Mechanic_2 Getting through the Brundisium Scenario. (1 reply) Posted 2 weeks ago by kach Still can #39;t beat the Alexander Troas. (1 reply) Posted 1 month ago by kach Trying to make a city builder named. (5 replies) Posted 2 months ago by Mazeppa Game stops abruptly (1 reply) Posted 3 months ago by kach scenario editor (1 reply) Posted 3 months ago by kach City-building strategy game in development. (7 replies) Posted 3 months ago by yevheniy.

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