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Keygen 3d pageflip standard


Keygen 3d pageflip standard

You do not have everything you need to view this site. Please enable JavaScript. DepthQ Player for Stereoscopic Media. DepthQ Player is a feature-packed software solution for the high-quality playback of stereoscopic 3D (s3D) movies from a standard PC. Easy to use and designed from the ground up as a professional product, DepthQ Player combines efficient code architecture and superior throughput for flawless, high-bandwidth playback of either locally stored or URL-accessible stereoscopic movies, as well as s3D streaming IP video. DepthQ Player delivers the most comfortable-to-view stereo 3D experience possible, and allows cost-effective viewing of high resolution stereoscopic media in a wide variety of environments - from remote 3D viewing stations, operating rooms and conference rooms to s3D cinemas, museum exhibits, portable theaters, motion simulators, corporate events and trade shows. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION. DepthQ Player is available in three configurations. LITE - A free-to-download fully-functional demonstration version capable of displaying up to 1920x1080 60P* per eye and beyond. Intended as evaluation software, DepthQ Player LITE incorporates a subtle watermark, with modest restricted operating time and playlist functionality. STANDARD - A licensed commercial version capable of displaying up to 1920x1080 60P* per eye. PRO - A licensed professional version capable of displaying up to 1920x1080 60P* per eye and beyond, with enhanced feature-set and functionality. *Note: High-bandwidth outputs require more powerful CPU's and GPU's. DepthQ Player LITE Evaluation Version - FREE. DepthQ Player STANDARD Workstation, limited to 10 viewers - $195. DepthQ Player PRO Workstation, limited to 10 viewers - $995. DepthQ Player PRO Commercial Theater, unlimited viewers - $1995 NVIDIA 3D Vision compatible. PRODUCT DETAILS. Each configuration, LITE, STANDARD or PRO . is capable of displaying flicker-free 120 Hz stereoscopic 3D video, which at it's highest quality is the equivalent of two simultaneous streams of HD digital video. It's a lot of data. For example, a full-resolution HD 3D film made up of two separate streams of 1920x1080 60P would be stored in a concatenated stereoscopic format (e.g. above/below or side-by-side) at a resolution of 1920x2160 or 3840x1080 respectively. The player also accepts a wide variety of other input movie format types, from interlaced and synch-doubled, to rotated side-by-sides (SIS, Tri-Delta) to anamorphic side-by-sides and above/belows. During playback, DepthQ Player can display your films in a variety of selectable output 'flavors' in order to drive the many different types of stereoscopic displays available, including the highest-quality stereoscopic format - progressive "page flip" (frame sequential) - at refresh rates up to 120 Hz. DepthQ Player is also fully compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vison. Additionally, DepthQ Player supports both single and dual graphics output pipelines. Single output pipelines are for display with single-lens projectors like the DepthQ HDs3D-1 projector, '3D-Ready' plasma monitors, LCD displays and rear-projection DLP monitors, as well as CRTs (using active shutter glasses). Dual graphics output pipelines are for display with two-projector passive displays (using polarizing glasses. LATEST UPGRADES. DirectX 3D mode now supports both nVidia and ATI video cards. Extended support for multiple still image formats. Ability to play stack of still images as a movie. (LITE and PRO Only. Support for communication with DepthQ Polarization modulator EL-2G control unit (sends information about 2D or 3D movie format. Ghost-busting LUT table algorithm. (LITE and PRO Only. Editable file extensions now provide filtering by type. DQ Lite installer now includes DQ3D personal codec. Optionally save dqc/playlist files with relative paths. Improved DCP decoding. On screen display improvements. Re-arrange playlist items by dragging using Left mouse button. Select multiple items using Crtl+Left Mouse button. NEW FEATURES. Left Right Movie: Ability to load separate Left and Right movie files as a stereo pair. Fade Setup: Allows user-controlled, timed fade-ups and fade-downs. DCP support. A non-watermarked version of the Jpeg2000 Decoder, the playback standard for Digital Cinema, is now available for DepthQ Player PRO for an additional cost (playback speed and quality depends on the speed and quality of your computer. Movie Time Code Editor: New Automation Functions include pre-programmed, time-based adjustments of IN/OUT points, parallax offsets, pause and volume within a movie using internal time code (PRO 3D Vision stereoscopic renderer (additional NVIDIA hardware required. Supports a wide variety of data and compression formats: DQ3D (only provided with the purchase of DepthQ Capture ), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, DV, MJPEG, uncompressed, etc. Supports IP Video streams via Windows Media video and Elecard video. Full-featured player interface, includes advanced playback controls and playlist support. Two operating modes: Basic Mode and password-protected Advanced Mode to ensure advanced configurations remain secure from unintended changes. Single pipeline output for active displays such as single lens DLP stereoscopic projectors, CRTs and 3D-ready plasma screens, LCD monitors and rear-projection DLP monitors. Dual pipeline output for passive displays based on stacked DLP video projectors. Full Screen and Windowed stereoscopic display mode support in Open GL Mode (NVIDIA 3D Vision) is full screen only. Real-time Zero Parallax Plane adjustments (vertical and horizontal). Two methods areincluded, a traditional zero parallax-based adjustment and a guided infinity-based parallax adjustment. Savable presets allow your parallax plane adjustments (and other attributes) to save with each movie as an associated DepthQ Config file. Movies then self-correct when is present. Each movie in a playlist will import its own presets if present. Settings such as Volume, Aspect Ratio and Time Code events can also be saved and automatically applied when the movie is played. Support for advanced multi-channel sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 channel Sampling frequency:44,100-48,000 kHz. Digital AES/EBU Analog XLR (third party audio decoder required. Support for real-time pixel-shading via Cg code (PRO only. Support for Time Code-based events including IN/OUT points, parallax offsets and DMX control of external devices (PRO only. Supports a wide variety of stereoscopic media input formats. above/below, above/below for sync-doubling (with adjustable separation), relaxed or cross-eye (Side by Side), interlaced, Tri-Delta, SIS, autostereoscopic monitors**, etc. Support for still stereoscopic image visualization (JPG, BMP. Additional output formats: Support for a wide range of hardware independent stereoscopic output formats: interlaced, above/below for sync doubling (with adjustable separation), relaxed or cross-eye (Side-by-Side), and a variety of anaglyph. On-the-fly conversion of interlaced NTSC/PAL TV-formattedstereoscopic DVD or MPEG-2 data to any supported output display format at playback. (Direct playback from DVD not supported at this time - must be ripped from DVD prior to playback. Support for a wide variety of display formats: DLP projectors, CRT monitors with LC shutter glasses, checkerboard displays, line-blanking hardware, synchronization doubling hardware, plus autostereoscopic monitors. * Some formats require the purchase of a third party codec. ** Autostereoscopic support (e.g. Sharp . Synthagram . etc.) must be purchased separately. GENERAL SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS. DepthQ Player LITE (input and output up to 1920 x 1080 per eye. DepthQ Player STANDARD (input and output up to 1920 x 1080 per eye. DepthQ Player PRO (input and output up to 1920 x 1080 per eye.

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